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About Us

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We think the combination of our values (Trust, Respect, Enthusiasm, Engagement) is what differentiate our value proposal to our clients. They are the main ingredients we put in our products, which not only intend to offer stable and higher-than-expected returns, but also aimed at being innovative, sophisticated and robust, thanks to strong internal control & risk management procedures. They are also put at use every day in our relationship with our clients, with whom we consider having a real partnership, based on mutual trust. As such, we are strongly convinced that we are the best partner for investment


All our people's values are nothing if they stay at individual level. At Kyobo AXA IM, our organization encourages all people to contribute, so that our collective value is more than the sum of the parts. To get there, we highly value and encourage teamwork.

Our identity is in our people,

with four main values

Trust In KAIM, relationships, whether internal or external, are based on trust. In order to achieve this, we put integrity at the helm, we speak truthfully, we honor our commitments and we are accountable for any of our decisions.
Respect In KAIM, diversity is a source of value, which is fully maximized by ensuring that each and every employee is treated with respect, in an environment where communication is encouraged and valued. This respect is also the keystone of the relationship we have with our clients.
Enthusiasm In KAIM, challenges are considered as an opportunity to grow, not a source of worry. This enthusiasm, this passion that every employee has for his/her work is the best ingredient to be innovative, to react more quickly to our environment, and to make KAIM a great place to work.
Engagement In KAIM, people are fully committed to delivery. They do not only execute, they actively take responsibility, take challenge as an opportunity to put their skills in practice, to transform their knowledge in a land of opportunities.